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Ew's Halloween Special

[{"text":"Entertainment Weekly's Halloween Special this year features for different covers with our three guys from Supernatural. To buy the editions take a trip to Barnes and Noble or go here to buy all 4 together. #NL#https://backissues.ew.com/storefront/2017/supernatural-set-of-all-4/prodEW20171020SET.html"}]

"Lost and Found" recap

[{"spoiler":"Heavy"},{"text":"Thursday night was the premiere for Supernatural's lucky Season 13. And let me tell you, it was action-packed but gave a good punch to the feels. Jensen and Jared's acting was on point as usual. Let's go over what happened during the episode."},{"header":"The Introductions"},{"image":[{"src":"x2481138x240-ftt.png"},{"caption":"Angry Jack"}]},{"text":"The episode began where last season left off. Castiel was just killed. Lucifer had just pulled Mary through the portal before it closed. Sam had just gone into the house to check on Kelly and Jack. Dean was understandably and visibly shaken by both Cas's death and Mary's abduction. With Dean's inability to not take action, he ran into the house to find Sam and Jack. Upon seeing Jack's glowing eyes, he took a shot at Jack. Jack's instincts kicked in to protect himself, and he gave a display of his power. Both Sam and Dean are knocked out."},{"header":"The Aftermath"},{"image":[{"src":"hqd274532hqdefaul.jpg"},{"caption":"Dead Cas"}]},{"text":"When the boys woke up, they had to search for Jack, who was on a mission to find his father. (He later revealed that Cas is his father by his choosing.) Angels were on the search as well after sensing the nephilim's birth. The angels, with mixed feeling, found Cas back at the house. They let us know that Cas is dead dead, not sort of dead. Jack gets taken in by the town sheriff and her son who quickly learned that Jack is not normal."},{"header":"The REveal"},{"image":[{"src":"9-s5118689-supern.jpg"},{"caption":"Dean vs Bitchy Angel"}]},{"text":"Sam and Dean made it to the sheriff's department just after Jack threw the sheriff across a room. Jack vs angel radio was not a good mix. The sheriff locked Jack and Sam in a cell while she questioned Dean. Dean was surprisingly forthcoming with all the info they usually keep hidden for mundanes. Of course, the angels were hot on the trail and took the sheriff's son as hostage. Thus a fight ensued. What we learned from the fight was this: angel radio hurts Jack, angel banishing sigils sting Jack a bit, and angel blades do not kill Jack."},{"header":"The verdict"},{"image":[{"src":"dkt949179dktailnw.jpg"},{"caption":"Decision making in progress"}]},{"text":"After everything was all said and done, Sam and Dean decided that Jack should go back to the bunker with them. Sam wanted this because he wants to protect Jack until they can determine what Jack will be like. Dean wanted this because he thinks that will only allow Jack to hurt them instead of anybody else since he believes that Jack is evil. "},{"header":"Thoughts?"},{"text":"I'm looking forward to learning more about Jack in the next episodes. For now though, here are some questions to ponder. What do you think Jack will be, evil or good? What other powers could he have that other nephilim don't? (We haven't seen much of what nephilim can do, but this isn't a regular nephilim.) If an angel blade can't kill Jack, what can kill him? Please let me know in the comment section what you thought of the episode."}]

DC Deck Building: Shapeshift

[{"text":"Hey everyone! I typically write articles about Main Character teams, and strategies for using them effectively. Today, I thought it would be nice to change it up and talk about a specific card. So in this post, we\u2019re going to be talking about Shapeshift."},{"image":[{"src":"cap345170capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"A few of us have been debating the \u2018best overall card\u2019 in the cube. Our criteria for the \u2018best overall card\u2019 is something along the lines of:"},{"list":[{"listType":"bullet"},{"caption":"Works well when used by most character combinations"},{"caption":"Can go into nearly any deck, whether you find yourself buying heroes, equipment, etc."}]},{"header":"THIS CARD HAS ALL CARD NAMES AND IS ALSO A HERO, VILLAIN, AND EQUIPMENT WHILE YOU OWN IT."},{"text":"That sentence is often overlooked, and perhaps not taken into account nearly enough throughout the course of a game. This means that while you own the card, it is a Super Power, Hero, Villain and Equipment whether it is in your hand, in play, or in the discard pile."},{"text":"From a card-interaction standpoint, the ability of shapeshift to be (almost) all types while in so many zones can have substantial payoffs. Let\u2019s look at some different groups of cards that can interact with Shapeshift, but first, lets look at a few of the things you can't do with this card."},{"header":"THINGS YOU CAN't DO WITH SHAPESHIFT"},{"image":[{"src":"cap846725capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"You cannot interact with Shapeshift as it if were any of its additional types unless you own it. This means no gaining it with Black Latern Power Ring or with Collapsible Staff. When someone doesn\u2019t own Shapeshift, it's just a lowly Super Power. Unfortunate."},{"header":"THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH SHAPESHIFT"},{"text":"Assuming you own Shapeshift, let\u2019s look at some of the sweet interactions you can take advantage of:"},{"image":[{"src":"cap618772capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"We can interact with Shapeshift as if it were a Punch using Daughter of Gotham City. That\u2019s a solid upgrade. We get our Shapeshift [Punch] back to our hand. We can also reveal and draw it with Nightwing and then repeat the reveal and draw process. These interactions are often used when looking for other cards, but also interact with Shapeshift in a sneaky way."},{"header":"SHAPESHIFT EVEN MESSES UP YOUR OPPONENTS"},{"text":"Not only does Shapeshift has some unique interactions just from other cards in your deck, your opponents might find themselves inadvertently letting you interact with it as well."},{"image":[{"src":"cap914354capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"We can happily return our Shapeshift to our hand if we\u2019re attacked by Parasite and likewise we can put Shapeshift back on top of our deck if we get attacked by Ms. Harley Quinn. If you are putting that Shapeshift to good use your opponents will think twice about using those attacks when they see Shapeshift in your discard pile!"},{"header":"COLLATERAL DAMAGE FROM SHAPESHIFT"},{"text":"A few cards will punish you for using Shapeshift, but there aren\u2019t many. By and large, the positive interactions with it far outweigh the negative. A few that might trip you up include:"},{"image":[{"src":"cap780776capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Star Sapphire Power Ring will often force you to be unable to draw the revealed cards if one of them happens to be Shapeshift since it classifies as so many types while in your deck. Likewise, Psycho Pirate is going to give you the option of holding onto Shapeshift, but at the expense of discarding every other card in your hand. Since Shapeshift has every card name it's automatically a duplicate of every other card. That\u2019s a bit unfortunate."},{"header":"INTERESTING INTERACTIONS"},{"text":"There are a few cards that didn\u2019t fit well into other categories, but I wanted to give honorable mention to."},{"image":[{"src":"cap654755capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"T-Wing will be worth another VP if you end the game with it and a Shapeshift, and is a good pickup if you\u2019ve found yourself with a few other low cost cards. Duplication is interesting, but can require a bit of setup. You can also get a lot of value out of cards that trigger when a specific type is played, such as the following:"},{"image":[{"src":"cap793222capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Shapeshift + Duplication will net you an additional three power for each one of those you have in play. If you\u2019ve picked up a few locations along the way, this could potentially be a large power combination, allowing you to defeat the Super Villain (albeit at the cost of destroying your Shapeshift...a bit sad.)"},{"header":"GOOD SHAPESHIFT INTERACTIONS"},{"text":"Now we\u2019ll look at some cards which don\u2019t require any work, and are just plain good when Shapeshift is involved."},{"image":[{"src":"cap328122capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"With Animal Man, it's hard to miss if Shapeshift is your top card. You have mostly Villains in your deck? Name Villain...if it turns out that Shapeshift is on top of your deck then great, you get to draw him. T-Spheres has similar utility, in that you\u2019ll never \u2018miss\u2019 if Shapeshift is in your top three cards because it has all card names. Name Kick, put Shapeshift in your hand if you reveal it! Name Punch, put Shapeshift in your hand if you reveal it!"},{"text":"Bunker is just as good because Shapeshift is basically four different types in one card, so you can pick and choose what you want him to be at times. Imagine you reveal the following three cards from the top of your deck:"},{"image":[{"src":"cap254856capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Bunker will gladly let you return one equipment (Aquaman\u2019s Trident), one Location (Atlantis) and one Hero (Shapeshift) to your hand."},{"header":"SHAPESHIFT IS ALWAYS A SPECIFIC NAMED CARD"},{"text":"Since Shapeshift is every named card in the game, he pairs up real well with any of the following:"},{"image":[{"src":"cap380629capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"image":[{"src":"cap354885capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Shapeshift makes an excellent Jervis Tetch, Catwoman, Starbolt, Royal Flush Gang, etc. It is the combo enabler of all combo enablers. Due to the sheer size of the cube, you might be worried if you\u2019ll ever have a Starbolt flip out into the lineup and perhaps be wary of picking up a mid-game Warrior Princess. If you have a Shapeshift you don\u2019t need to worry about such piddly things such as \u2018will this card ever come up\u2019 because you already have it in your deck!"},{"header":"THE WOMBO-COMBO"},{"text":"The last card I want to discuss is Mirror Gun. If you can pair this card with Shapeshift when you have a sizeable discard pile, the game will end very quickly."},{"image":[{"src":"cap633141capture.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"I have never pulled this combo off in an actual game...but if I ever do it will be a game I won\u2019t soon forget! Let\u2019s see how this would play out:"},{"list":[{"listType":"bullet"},{"caption":"Play Shapeshift"},{"caption":"Get a measly one power"},{"caption":"Wow, ok"},{"caption":"Great"},{"caption":"Anything else?"}]},{"text":"Play Mirror Gun.  Now I'll return one copy of every unique card in my discard pile to my hand..."},{"text":"Ok, so I can return one Punch, one Kick...and one of every single unique card in my discard pile (because you played shapeshift and it has all card names). Your opponents will probably start counting up their VP once they see you returning 10-20 (potentially even more) cards from your discard pile to your hand. This is living the dream."},{"text":"That\u2019s it for this article. Hopefully I\u2019ve shown you some reasons to pick up a Shapeshift next time you see one in the lineup and maybe you can be the first person to live the Shapeshift + Mirror Gun dream!"}]

DC Deck Building: Tricky, Tricky, Trickster

[{"text":"Hey guys!#NL##NL#Today I\u2019d like to talk about the main character Trickster, a couple different ways to play him, and how he matches up against some of the top tier threats!#NL##NL#If you are looking to play with Trickster (or any of the other Rogues) you'll need the Rogues expansion here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N7U43EC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01N7U43EC&linkCode=as2&tag=rdeed-20&linkId=338fdbc33d5e916f1caadc7be44beed3 #NL#"},{"image":[{"src":"1-p574421.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"header":"Ability Breakdown"},{"text":"Trickster has two abilities. His first one we\u2019ll touch on is his teamwork ability. Like every other character from the Rogues Crossover Pack, he has the ability to play the top card of an opponent\u2019s deck in exchange for giving them 1 VP. This ability lets you reach for cards earlier than you would typically be able to buy them otherwise by playing your opponents cards that generate power."},{"text":"His second ability is what makes him so unique. Whenever you shuffle your discard pile to become your deck, you can leave one card of your choice in your discard pile. This will be whatever card you\u2019re trying to loop more often than not, though you can leave a vulnerability in the discard pile to give yourself a higher chance of drawing a strong early game hand. "},{"header":"Raven and Lightning Lad"},{"image":[{"src":"2-p899872.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"The first Trickster team I\u2019d like to cover is a personal favorite of mine, and is one I have a lot of fun with, and it utilizes Lightning Lad and Raven. "},{"text":"The gist of this team is to buy as many cheap villains as you can early to help you be able to afford a strong super power to loop with Raven. Lightning Lad\u2019s ability will also often let you trigger Raven\u2019s ability, even if you only have one villain in hand. Lightning Lad not only helps you trigger Raven\u2019s ability, but also allows you to reach those higher power numbers in the early turns to be able to purchase those high cost super powers that you want to leave in your discard pile with trickster."},{"image":[{"src":"3-p2356753.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"This team often prioritizes ongoing villain cards, and benefits a lot when the first villain on the stack is Edward Fyers, Slade Wilson, or Vandal Savage. Ongoing Villains make it to where you only ever need to play one additional villain per turn to trigger Raven\u2019s ability. Some of the ones you want to keep an eye out for from the main deck include:"},{"image":[{"src":"4-p1196334.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Don\u2019t forget that you can loop a Kick with Raven\u2019s ability worst-case scenario. +2 Power every turn isn\u2019t bad. Animal Man is a 4-tier hero after all."},{"header":"Braniac 5 and Captain Boomerang"},{"image":[{"src":"5-p760665.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"The next version of a Trickster team I\u2019d like to talk about is probably the most consistent and competitive Trickster team. It consists of Braniac 5 and Captain Boomerang."},{"text":"The looping ability of choice here is Braniac 5\u2019s ability to discard two cards to add a 5 cost card from your discard pile to your hand. If you manage to start with 4 punches and use Trickster\u2019s Teamwork ability for a punch, you could start playing a powerful 5 cost card every turn as soon as turn 2!#NL#"},{"text":"The cost of discarding two cards early in the game isn\u2019t too bad because you\u2019re typically discarding starters to play a 5 cost card; however, as the game goes on, it becomes less and less likely that you want to discard two cards from your hand for your 5 cost card. Captain Boomerang basically lets you mitigate the discard cost of Braniac 5 by one card. Captain boomerang lets you add the card with the lowest VP value in your discard pile to your hand. It doesn\u2019t matter if the card he gets back is a weakness, starter, or low cost card you bought. He\u2019s worst-case scenario just adding a card back to your hand that you\u2019re going to discard anyways to get back your 5 cost card with Braniac 5, but best-case scenario he adds back that 5 cost for free if it\u2019s the only card in your discard pile."},{"header":"How Does Trickster Fair Against the Tiers?"},{"text":"Overall I think Trickster teams have a lot of potential in the upcoming season. Trickster teams tend to have some of the most consistent mid to late game of any team compositions out there. Their main weakness is not being able to get set up before one of the more aggressive compositions gets too far ahead. When playing against those kinds of teams, getting some impactful attack cards that can hinder the aggressive teams hand can buy you time to get set up. Being able to play strong cards every turn is just inherently powerful, and makes Trickster definitely something to consider next time you sit down to play! I think that\u2019s all for this week! See you next time!#NL#"},{"affiliate":[{"name":"DC DECK-BUILDING CROSSOVER PACK 5: THE ROGUES"}, {"extralink":"//ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=rdeed-20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01N7U43EC"}, {"textlink":"https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N7U43EC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01N7U43EC&linkCode=as2&tag=rdeed-20&linkId=338fdbc33d5e916f1caadc7be44beed3"}, {"srclink":"//ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?_encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B01N7U43EC&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format=_SL250_&tag=rdeed-20"}]}]

Marvel's The Punisher | Official Trailer

[{"text":"After exacting revenge on those responsible for the death of his wife and children, Frank Castle uncovers a conspiracy that runs far deeper than New York’s criminal underworld."}]

DC Deck Building: Gliding through life

[{"text":"Hey everyone!  We've been busy testing these new characters the last few weeks, while also looking forward to the new ones that will be released later this year.  With the recent change in the tier list, coupled with the release of some new main characters this year, there are plenty of changes to evaluate and a whole slew of new combination possibilities to test.#NL##NL#Today's article is going to be about Golden Glider, from the Crossover #5 expansion, 'The Rogues'. If you are looking to buy that expansion, check out this link: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N7U43EC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01N7U43EC&linkCode=as2&tag=rdeed-20&linkId=338fdbc33d5e916f1caadc7be44beed3 "},{"header":"I won the roll...gg!"},{"text":"The main character everyone is talking about lately is Golden Glider.  It seems that even the game designers knew how powerful she was, so they decided to give her the initials "GG"; fitting since once someone picks her your next reaction should be to say "Good Game, lets play again".#NL#"},{"text":"In this article we'll look at what makes her so powerful, how to properly use her abilities, and (more importantly!) how to win when you go up against her."},{"image":[{"src":"gir660730girlpowe.jpg"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Lets start with evaluating her two abilities."},{"image":[{"src":"asf72574asf.jpg"},{"caption":""}]},{"header":"every time you play a card you don't own, draw a card."},{"text":"I'm going to go ahead and say this is the most broken main character ability we have seen so far."},{"header":"teamwork: that foe gains 1 vp."},{"image":[{"src":"tea42333teamwork.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Teamwork is, by itself, a fine ability, but its not the reason we are playing Golden Glider.  Its just icing on the cake."},{"header":"turn #1: let the advantage begin"},{"text":"One of the easiest ways to win in DCDB is to get an early lead and have it snowball out of control.  If you can buy a few powerful cards in the early game and pick up the first few villains then you can usually ride that advantage to victory."},{"text":"Lets consider a basic starting hand that consists of three punches and two vulnerabilities.  Most starting hands fall somewhere near this hand and consist of about three power."},{"image":[{"src":"pun458651punch-vu.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Now we bring Golden Glider into the mix.  With her, we'll have two scenarios: Either you are player #1, or you're not.  This is important, because as long as you aren't going first then you can use that to your advantage."},{"text":"We'll start by doing the math assuming you're the first player, and its turn 1.  When you teamwork a random opponent you'll get:"},{"list":[{"listType":"bullet"},{"caption":"1 Punch = 1 Power ~ 70%"},{"caption":"1 Vulnerability = 0 Power ~ 30%"}]},{"text":"So right away, on turn 1, you have a 70% chance to increase the power of your hand by 25%; this is a huge bonus.  This doesn't tell the whole story either, because you'll also be drawing yourself a card from her ability "Every time you play a card you don't own, draw a card"."},{"text":"Considering this 'bonus' power (up to 2 extra power on turn 1, if you hit a punch and draw a punch), golden glider has a reasonable chance of being able to purchase a 5+ cost card on turn 1.  This is the reason we play her.  Her early game advantage is very explosive, and potentially matched only by Killer Frost + King Shark in terms of high early game power."},{"image":[{"src":"kf-878632kf-ks.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"I just compared six tier points worth of main characters to five.  You need two characters (Killer Frost; tier 4, King Shark; tier 2) to have the same buying power as Golden Glider (tier 5).  That's a big deal.  Everything we've said up to this point was only considering Golden Glider by herself.  The fact that it takes 6 tiers worth of characters to maintain parity just with her says a lot.  The Golden Glider player gets to have a tier 1 character to pair her with, which is just another bonus to playing her that we aren't evening discussing here."},{"text":"Now let\u2019s back up a minute and look at a better situation: When you\u2019re not going first. Now her Teamwork ability really starts to shine. Forget hitting starters, now you have a chance to hit real cards, potentially destroy cards, locations, etc. At worst someone has probably bought a kick. In this case, try to always target the player with the best deck and eventually you\u2019ll start team working some really good cards."},{"text":"Now that we know Golden Glider is one of the most explosive early game characters, let's look at some cards you should be looking to pick up when playing her."},{"image":[{"src":"1-p3492271.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"image":[{"src":"2-p6682562.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"You should be overvaluing cards that let you play other cards, and pick them over anything else except defeating a Super Villian. These cards fuel Golden Glider\u2019s draw engine and will help press your advantage."},{"header":"TIME TRAVEL"},{"text":"You also want to be on the lookout for any time travel cards that are in the line up. These are cards you don\u2019t want to be buying, instead just play them every turn until one of your opponents wises up and buys it on their turn."},{"image":[{"src":"tim57663time-tra.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"The only time I might consider buying a time travel card is if a Bane or Black Adam player was also abusing it, as they can tend to gain more of an advantage from it than you do (although in this case, the other player(s) in your game basically have to buy it or risk being dominated by the advantage it's giving the you and the Bane\/Black Adam player)."},{"image":[{"src":"ban690850bane-ba.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"header":"CARDS THAT STEAL VP"},{"text":"Since we\u2019re playing as Golden Glider, and we plan on team working throughout the game, there will be plenty of VP lying around for the taking. Pick up these cards and you\u2019ll be well on your way to snatching up all that VP everyone has prime for the taking. If you manage to pick up a Commissioner Gordon, make sure and teamwork the player who you perceive to have the most attack cards at least a few times. This helps makes sure they have a steady stream of VP for you to take."},{"image":[{"src":"ste179111steal-vp.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"header":"GAMEPLAY"},{"text":"We\u2019ve looked at Golden Glider, and what makes her a strong Main Character. Now let's evaluate some tier-1 characters to pair her with and then we\u2019ll look at some game play tips for playing with or against her."},{"header":"TIER 1 options"},{"text":"Earlier I compared Golden Glider, at tier-5, to Killer Frost & King Shark. Since she\u2019s already strong enough on her own, we don\u2019t have to restrict ourselves to a certain tier-1 character that \u2018combos\u2019 well with her. A few notable options include:"},{"image":[{"src":"tie72273tier-1-c.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"The one that \u2018combos\u2019 the best with her is Chameleon Boy. Alongside Golden Glider, his ability roughly equates to:"},{"header":"DISCARD A CARD To PLAY A CARD IN THE LINE-UP & DRAW A CARD"},{"image":[{"src":"gg-402395gg-cb.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"This is relatively a straightforward pair for Golden Glider which I have used numerous times and should lead to a fine game. You can afford to pick up high cost \/ low impact cards with this team, planning to discard them to use Chameleon Boy\u2019s ability. Some cards that fit this strategy include:"},{"image":[{"src":"loo834192loot-sup.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Cards that fit this category either provide a bonus when you buy\/gain them, or are good under certain circumstances, and can be pitched to Chameleon Boy when they aren't that great."},{"text":"You also have the option of picking a general utility tier-1 character."},{"image":[{"src":"gg-436985gg-bizar.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Bizarro can at first glance seem a bit odd to pair with Golden Glider. In order to understand his inclusion on our team, we need to think about how an average game might play out, and what the general perception of the Golden Glider player is during the game."},{"text":"Looking back at our testing games, the Golden Glider player always gets off to a quick start. What tends to happen, is the other players get so far behind that they tend to start \u2018ganging up\u2019 on the Golden Glider player. This is usually represented during the game in the form of Attacks. As the Golden Glider player, you should expect to get attacked a lot! A common theme of attack cards is that many of them give out weaknesses."},{"header":"think about HOW YOU ARE VIEWED BY OTHER PLAYERS DURING THE GAME"},{"text":"Now we can think back to Character selection and see why we might choose to pair Bizarro with Golden Glider. By himself, Bizarro is an excellent counter to one of the main problems Golden Glider has: She gets attacked a lot! Now you can turn all those weaknesses into free cards."},{"image":[{"src":"biz652958bizarrow.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"header":"HOW TO PLAY AGAINST GOLDEN GLIDER"},{"text":"As with every character and strategy, DCDB has a multitude of options in character selection and play style. We can use some of these options to counter what the Golden Glider player is trying to accomplish."},{"header":"tEAMS FOR PLAYING AGAINST GOLDEN GLIDER"},{"image":[{"src":"ozy78085ozy-vixe.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"This is an interesting pair to play if you suspect there will be a Golden Glider player at the table. Your best bet with this team is to be friendly towards the Golden Glider player, and encourage them to teamwork you every turn by leaving something really good on top that they\u2019ll want to teamwork. Sure, this helps propel them to victory, but gaining one VP every turn for your troubles isn\u2019t bad."},{"text":"Most games the teamwork VP from Golden Glider can tend to get passed around so that everyone gets some. If you manage to hoard it all for yourself you\u2019ll stand a much better chance of winning. On top of that, Vixen will help you take advantage of a good card left on top, so its not a total loss for you."},{"image":[{"src":"gl-786485gl-aquam.png"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"This team, and several like it, are playing for a long game. Remember that Golden Glider wants to get in quick, pick up some good cards, and win a fast game. One of the best ways to defeat her is to ignore the Super Villains. Just flat out don\u2019t buy them. The Golden Glider player will usually have a very hard time defeating all five Super Villians by themselves."},{"text":"You can sit back and trigger Green Lantern every turn with your deck packed full of mediocre cards and win the long game. You\u2019ll accumulate enough VP worth of cards through buying them from the line-up, meanwhile Golden Glider will be team working those mediocre cards from you, which doesn\u2019t jive well with her plan. Golden Glider is hoping to teamwork and hit powerful cards. Don\u2019t give her the chance."},{"text":"Playing a "long game" strategy like this will throw a wrench into any Golden Glider player\u2019s plans, and can help nullify her teamwork strategy."},{"header":"conclusion"},{"text":"We've looked at ways you can further your advantage when playing as Golden Glider, as well as way in which you can combat the strategy if you find yourself playing against it."},{"text":"That's all for this article.  Just remember: as is true in many aspects of life, teamwork is the way to go!"}, {"affiliate":[{"name":"DC DECK-BUILDING CROSSOVER PACK 5: THE ROGUES"}, {"extralink":"//ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=rdeed-20&l=am2&o=1&a=B01N7U43EC"}, {"textlink":"https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N7U43EC/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01N7U43EC&linkCode=as2&tag=rdeed-20&linkId=338fdbc33d5e916f1caadc7be44beed3"}, {"srclink":"//ws-na.amazon-adsystem.com/widgets/q?_encoding=UTF8&MarketPlace=US&ASIN=B01N7U43EC&ServiceVersion=20070822&ID=AsinImage&WS=1&Format=_SL250_&tag=rdeed-20"}]}]

Retro Tv Themes Of Game Of Thrones With Michael Bolton And Friends

[{"text":"Retro TV Themes of Game of Thrones with Michael Bolton and Friends. "}]

Doctor Who meets St Trinian's

[{"text":"#NL#Jodie Whittaker makes her debut as the Thirteenth Doctor in the Christmas 2017 special. When this was announced  many fans decided to check out some of her past acting credits. One of Whittaker's breakthrough roles was in the hit 2007 film "St Trinian's", but watching it again I realised just how many of the cast had also appeared in "Doctor Who" over recent years.#NL#"},{"double":[{"src":"st-496819st-trini.jpg"},{"src":"st-540921st-trini.png"}]},{"text":"St Trinian's school for girls first appeared in 1946 in a series of newspaper cartoons by Ronald Searle, in which the students and staff engage in violence, crimes and debauchery, all played for laughs as a contrast to the usual view of expensive elite schools.#NL#"},{"image":[{"src":"st-833102st-trini.jpg"},{"caption":"St Trinians 2007"}]},{"text":"The cartoons inspired a series of films with a mix of comic heists and sexy schoolgirls which proved very successful in the 1950s and 60s , and became part of the popular culture in Britain. A reboot was attempted in 1980, and then a more successful second reboot in 2007. #NL#"},{"image":[{"src":"jod751967jodie-wh.jpg"},{"caption":"Jodie Whittaker as Beverley in St Trinians"}]},{"text":"#NL#Whittaker plays Beverley, the hard-partying school receptionist with a sideline in supplying uppers and downers. #NL#She went on to star in "Attack The Block" and hit tv series "Broadchurch" before being announced as the next Doctor in July 2017.#NL#"},{"image":[{"src":"mis746886miss-eva.jpg"},{"caption":"Talulah Riley as Miss Evangelista - Silence in the Library 2008"}]},{"image":[{"src":"bli255365bliss.jpg"},{"caption":"Kathyrn Drysdale as Bliss - Love and Monsters 2006"}]},{"text":"#NL#Being set in a girl's school means that the cast featured a lot of rising star female actors, who have since become familiar faces.#NL#Talulah Riley is one of the lead students, and appeared as Miss Evangelista in "Silence in the Library" and more recently in "Westworld" as well as twice being married to inventor Elon Musk.  #NL#Other students were played by Kathryn Drysdale, Amara Khan (seen in Stan Lee's Lucky Man) and model Lily Cole. #NL#Jonathan Bailey also features as a pupil at a rival boy's school. "},{"image":[{"src":"rit24428rita.jpg"},{"caption":"Amara Khan as Rita - The God Complex 2011"}]},{"image":[{"src":"sir540329siren-1.jpg"},{"caption":"Lily Cole as The Siren - Curse of the Black Spot 2011"}]},{"image":[{"src":"psi158595psi.jpg"},{"caption":"Jonathan Bailey as Psi - Time Heist 2014"}]},{"text":"#NL#The teaching staff includes a number of veteran British actors who have guest starred in "Doctor Who". #NL#Celia Imrie has an impressive 155 acting credits including "Star Wars", "Legends of Tomorrow" and "Bridget Jones", and was memorable as Miss Kizlet in "The Bells of St John".#NL#Toby Jones is another famous face from "Sherlock", "Captain America" and "The Hunger Games" and appeared as the malevolent Dream Lord in 2010. #NL#Fenella Woolgar memorably appeared as author Agatha Christie in "The Unicorn and the Wasp".   #NL#"},{"image":[{"src":"mis655986miss-kiz.png"},{"caption":"Celia Imrie as Miss Kizlet - The Bells of St John 2013"}]},{"image":[{"src":"dre803721dream-lo.jpg"},{"caption":"Toby Jones as The Dream Lord - Amys Choice 2010"}]},{"image":[{"src":"aga283823agatha-c.png"},{"caption":"Fenella Woolgar as Agatha Christie - The Unicorn and the Wasp 2008"}]},{"text":"There are a couple of slightly obscure links to "Doctor Who" for  "St Trinian's" actors Stephen Fry and Garry Marriott. #NL#Back in 2001 (before the return of the TV series) the BBC tried to revive the series with several webcast animated stories. The first of these was "Death Comes To Time" which featured Stephen Fry as a Time Lord Minister of Chance.  It was later released as an audio version. #NL#Marriott is real life paramedic who frequently works on film sets as part of their medical team. Occasionally he has been called on to act as a paramedic as well, and has appeared in the James Bond film "Spectre", as well as in "The Lazarus Experiment". #NL#"},{"image":[{"src":"dea366877death-co.jpg"},{"caption":"Death Comes To Time "}]},{"image":[{"src":"laz88762lazarus-.jpg"},{"caption":"The Lazarus Experiment 2007"}]},{"image":[{"src":"dav760333david-te.png"},{"caption":"St Trinians 2: The Legend of Fritton"}]},{"text":"One bonus link is that David Tennant played the villain in St Trinian's 2, as a grey haired woman hater. #NL#Although the sequel was commercially successful it was poorly received by critics and audiences, and plans for a third movie were cancelled. "},{"image":[{"src":"gir223920girls-al.png"},{"caption":"Girls Aloud"}]},{"text":"The film has a host of other famous faces including Lena Headley, Colin Firth, Rupert Everett, Gemma Arterton, Juno Temple, Paloma Faith, Mischa Barton, Anna Chancellor and Russell Brand - not to mention that the school band is played by pop group Girls Aloud. #NL##NL##NL#Do you know another film with more "Doctor Who" actors in it? Let me know in the comments. "}]

We Need A Darth Bane Film!

[{"text":"A character that I want Lucasfilm to expand upon is Darth Bane. Darth Bane is known by fans as the creator of the Rule of Two. The character was created by George Lucas in the 1990s as part of his backstory for the STAR WARS PREQUEL TRILOGY."},{"image":[{"src":"ban327375bane1.jpg"},{"caption":""}]},{"text":"Darth Bane's first mention in Star Wars is in the novelization of THE PHANTOM MENACE, which is written by Terry Brooks and published in 1999. In Terry Brooks' memoir "Sometimes the Magic Works: Lessons from a Writing Life," he claims George Lucas spent an hour on the phone with him discussing the history of the Jedi and Sith for the Episode I novelization. Information on Darth Bane is brief in the novel for Episode I, but it is worth noting that they refer to Bane's Sith apprentice as "him." This is obviously different than the Expanded Universe\/Legends brand, which had Bane's apprentice as a female (Darth Zannah)."},{"image":[{"src":"ban401902bane2.jpg"},{"caption":"Episode I Novelization "}]},{"text":"The Expanded Universe\/Legends brand expanded upon Darth Bane's history. First with the Dark Horse Comics mini-series STAR WARS: JEDI VS. SITH, which was released in 2001. Second with the Darth Bane novel trilogy published by Del Rey. This trilogy was written by Drew Karpyshyn and the books released in 2006, 2007, and 2009. It's important to note that the Legends brand stories of Darth Bane are not connected to George's version for his backstory to the Prequel Trilogy and THE PHANTOM MENACE novelization."},{"image":[{"src":"ban283412bane3.jpg"},{"caption":"Star Wars: Jedi Vs Sith. Originally released by Dark Horse Comics in 2001"}]},{"image":[{"src":"ban457288bane4.png"},{"caption":"Drew Karpyshyn's Darth Bane Trilogy released 2006, 2007, 2009"}]},{"text":"George's version of Darth Bane finally made its on screen appearance in season 6 of the television series STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS. His official look being very different from his Legends brand counterpart. Concept art for the official canon version of Darth Bane was created by Darren Marshall. Darth Bane was voiced by Mark Hamill in THE CLONE WARS series."},{"image":[{"src":"ban39741bane5.jpg"},{"caption":"Darth Bane's official look as established in STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS"}]},{"text":"It will be interesting to see how close Lucasfilm will stick to George's version of Darth Bane. Do you want to see Lucasfilm explore Darth Bane's history?"}]